Michael E. Decherd, M.D.
San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement with Mastopexy*

Procedure Details

This is a woman who approximately 11 years prior had saline implants over the muscle. She feels that they have bottomed out, that they ripple, and that her implants were low on her frame. We switched to silicone implants, placed them under the muscle, and did a lift. She likes the look and feel of the new implants. This requires additional scars, but they will fade more over time.

Revision Implants with Lift

This woman in her thirties sought improvement of her old implants.  They were saline, on top of the muscle, and and she had developed sagginess of the breasts.  We swapped her to high profile silicone implants, put them under the muscle, and did a breast lift.  She is very happy with the improved look and feel.


Alamo Heights Surgical Center

*Stock images are models. Case photos are actual patients of Dr. Decherd. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.